Coming to Hau Giang with the peaceful and beautiful images, the attraction of Hau Giang from the look, the simple actions in life but bring the national identity as well as the attraction of this place. Ca Mau is also well known for its bird sanctuaries: Cai Nuoc, Dam Doi, Ngoc Hien and others.Remember to bring sunscreen, umbrella, hat, when you arrive in the big sunny season. The tools go rain like umbrellas, raincoats ... when coming in the rainy season.·***** Hung Vuong Hotel Ben Tre, 166 Hung Vuong, Ward 3, Phuong 3, Ben Tre. There are prices ranging from $ 16.By motobike: If you go by motorbike, you go along National Highway 1 to An Thai Trung 3 intersection (An Huu Market) and turn right to Cao Lanh. After passing Cao Lanh ferry, go along the bank of Tien river to Cho Moi, cross Thuan Giang ferry to reach Hau river, go to ferry ferry, then pass that ferry. Next, run along highway 91 for about 30km to Sam Mountain.All year round alluvial deposits With a lot of advantage to develop tourism such as aquaculture, waterway, ecotourism.The Western season of floating water (August - October each year) has many types of shrimp fish and all kinds of vegetables. In this season, sour soup is a favorite dish of locals and far-flung guests when coming to An Giang.Tien Giang is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam, with most of the province in the area of My Tho province before.
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